The Bass note

The Bass note

Led by Adrian & Bridget Plass
Jazz musicians value bass players. Rhythm
and momentum are held by the bass note, a
reliable platform that supports and enriches
melody. Church communities can suffer,
metaphorically, from lack of a bass note.
Positive legacies from people or traditions
thoughtlessly discarded, unfocussed
enthusiasm eclipsing the best kind of
spiritual common sense, success disastrously
redefined. The result can be shrill, discordant,
and often revealed as simply passing fashion.
Most disturbing is a tendency to allow the
cross to slide from its central, essential
position in our faith. Without this particular
bass note the true melody of salvation is
lost. How do we achieve balance as groups
and individuals? This weekend we shall ask
ourselves that question. A serious subject,
but lots of music and laughter as usual.
25WA24 Standard adult price: £163.50
(Online £30)


Jun 21 - 23 2024


Scargill House
Kettlewell, North Yorkshire


Scargill Movement
01756 760500